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Miss Emily – Albany newborn family photographer

If there is one thing a heat wave is good for, it is a newborn shoot!! The warmer the better is the rule and it sure was warm. While Mom and I sweated, she was happier than a bug in a rug!

I got to meet up with Miss Emily this week and you guys…she was like, the picture perfect baby during this shoot. She slept for 3/4 of the shoot and basically let me do whatever I wanted with her. And as an added bonus, she did not have one accident the whole shoot, which as other newborn photographers can tell you, is basically a miracle! I mean…look at her!

I mean, seriously??? So cute. She just hung out in this position for quite a while!!

We snuck out to the backyard for a few shots.

Melissa and Nick are AWESOME first time parents. They totally trusted me with all things Em and of course, she has them wrapped right around her little finger. I love this little family set.

And last but not least, one shot of the whole family with their first baby…George!!! He. was. amazing.
Thank you guys for letting me into your little family for a few hours!

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